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** Cheburashka is the planned follow-up release to Neznayka based on SSDT.  Development has started and will consist of the current Neznayka functionality together with bug-fixes.  The rules, as at present, will assume that the target environment is SS 2008 R2.

Thanks, Ded


** The sixth release (O Superman) is another bug-fix release.

** The fifth release (Born, Never Asked ) is a bug-fix release.

** The fourth release (Walking & Falling) adds one more rule (DM0005) ported from Neznayka.  The remaining variable rules from Neznayka, DM0006-DM0010 will not be ported in their current form.  The other rules will be ported first in preference to this planned rewrite.

** The third release (Sweaters) adds 1 more rule (DM004) ported from Neznayka.

** The second release (Big Science) adds a single new rule to highlight usages of user-objects that have no explicit schema name.

** The first release (From The Air) consists of 3 rules ported from Neznayka, together with a handful of new, rather basic rules which were created as part of my exploration of the new framework.

Parts of the code, particularly the test framework are copyrighted by Microsoft, as they have been borrowed from the DacFx Public Samples code samples project here on CodePlex.

 Follow the installation instructions on the DacFx Public Samples instructions page for details on how to install the binary.  Note that installing the binary in the Extensions directory as instructed there will not work,  you need to install the binary in the main DAC directory one level higher up. 

The post-deploy step in the VS project will work only for VS2013 installed on a 64 bit machine.  But you can use it to locate the correct installation directory on your machine.


Static Code Analysis Rule-set for Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013 SSDT development.


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